Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ragdoll Maze Flight is coming soon.

My new game 'Ragdoll Maze Flight' is close to finish and publish.
So, before release I decide to write some things about it.
The Ragdoll Maze Flight is a game about flying and avoiding. You control a flying dude who has to dodge the walls of the maze and stay on the screen as long as possible.

Next are some hints and screenshots:
First of all upgrade the Teleport. Then upgrade the Slowdown.
You can use teleport after upgrade it when clicking left mouse button.
To get more number of teleports play on
Collect ten stars to remove all obstacles from the screen for a while.
Make combos to get more scores. Also do a few combo in a row to multiply its scores.
Menu screen hotkeys:
F1 - help;
F2 - credits;
F3 - visit online games site;
F4 - scores;
F5 - play;
F6 - show/hide upgrades;
F7 - show/hide badges;

Upgrades window
Flight between the double banner
Catch the star
Before the release of the Ragdoll Maze Flight game you can play the Robolander - physics puzzle game.
Upd.: game is out, play it here:

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